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Top 5 Wellbeing Support Available During Lockdown

Top 5 Wellbeing Support Available During Lockdown

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Since the beginning of lockdown Impact Funding Partners has strived to being you the most up-to-date and relevant Covid19 information to help you navigate your way through. As well as our weekly newsletter we have brought you blogs on Places To Look For Third Sector FundingTraining & Learning Opportunities and support available to businesses and key workers.

In this blog, we take a look at the Top 5 Wellbeing Support that’s available to help you through the lockdown period.

1) University of Aberdeen Free Online Mindfulness Course

The University of Aberdeen (On Demand Learning) have developed a free online course where you can learn to build emotional resilience and wellbeing during this challenging time. 

Lockdown brings with it a lot of mental and emotional challenges which our brains are not used to. The University of Aberdeen have created a service pulling together their know-how to help anybody who may be struggling by developing a free online mindfulness course. The course is open to everybody and you can join at any time, study at your own pace, and access the materials 24/7.

More information about the course can be accessed here. At the end of the course will have learned how to keep your mind focused, activate the soothing part of your nervous system and build positive emotions and thoughts.

2) National Wellbeing Hub

The National Wellbeing Hub are offering self-care resources and support to help health and social care staff, managers and carers. The central theme of the hub is ‘You Look After Us, So We’ll Look After You’. The wide-ranging content focuses on Psychological First Aid as well as range of other incredibly useful resources.

The Hub provides advice and support for everyday practical needs and relationships while also providing tips on self-care to help cope with the challenges faced during the pandemic.

More information on the National Wellbeing Hub can be accessed here.

3) Action For Happiness

The Action For Happiness website lists lots of guidance and advice on taking care of yourself and others. They have launched a free online coaching programme  called ’10 Days of Happniess’ which gives you daily advice and information on how to lead a more happier life. It is designed for challenging times, based on the latest research from positive psychology, neuroscience, and behavioural science.

Action For Happniess, like everybody else, recognises the big mental health challenges that lockdown brings. This program can help you cope and find a little more happiness in these difficult times.

The course can be accessed here.

4) Shared Care Scotland

The normal aim of Shared Care Scotland is to improve the quality and provision of short breaks in Scotland for unpaid carers and the people they care for. However, during the Covid 19 pandemic they have pulled together a list of other activities to do during lockdown. Titled ‘Short Breaks For Strange Times’ it includes everything from online courses, virtual museums, exercise programmes, read-alongs, and websites for children and young people, as well as support services that are delivering online.

Go on an adventure in your own home. Access Shared Care Scotland here.

5) Breathing Space

Breathing Space is a free, confidential, phone services for anybody in Scotland over the age of 16 who are experiencing low mood, depression or anxiety. Call Breathing Space on 0800 83 85 87, or visit their website for more information here.

Their service is also available in other languages and formats including BSL. For more information on these services click here.

For more information on wellbeing support check out our weekly newsletters that we publish every week. We pull together a range of information that we hope will help navigate your way through the challenging circumstances at the moment.

The newsletters are published every Thursday and are full of advice, funding opportunities, training and learning opportunities and support for organisations as well as a host of other relevant information. You can read all our newsletters here.

We also have a designated page on our website full of up-to-date information on our Covid 19 response which you can see here.