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#ImpactPhoto Volunteering For All Winner: Good Morning Service

#ImpactPhoto Volunteering For All Winner: Good Morning Service

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Congratulations to Good Morning Service, winner of the Volunteering For All category for the Impact Funding Partner’s 2020 Photo Competition! Nicky Thompson, CEO of the organisation, gives Impact Funding Partners an insight into the inspiration and the story behind the winning photograph.

She says, “The photo was taken at our Christmas Party. Agnes has been a volunteer on our Board and at the Get Togethers for a few years. She’s the person who welcomes new members to the get-togethers, making sure new people aren’t overwhelmed by the new scene and new people – and she’s brilliant at it!”

“Agnes never lets her disability hold her back: she’s first on the dance floor, first to try a new computer at the Science Centre and first to share funny memories when we saw Billy Connolly’s Big Banana Boots at the Peoples’ Palace.”

“She’s a volunteer on our Board because she knows exactly what our support means to people, and is comfortable in holding me to account. She’s an all-rounder; she’s just great!”

The deep friendship between staff, volunteers and users of the service is clear to see from the photograph.

Nicky adds: “Agnes and Ibby have built such a trusting, warm and meaningful relationship over the phone which is captured beautifully in this photo.”

A key element and cornerstone of Good Morning Service’s provision to their users is the ‘Good Morning Calls’; a 365 day a year service which phones older people in mainly Glasgow and South Ayrshire in the morning to check up on them and as a way to combat loneliness. The organisation however sees their role as much more than just that.

Nicky explains: “We provide emotional support through life’s challenges. We’re there for people when, for example, they find a lump, are worried about going to the doctor, the hospital, then waiting for test results and getting an unwanted diagnosis. We’re there all the way.”

She goes on to add: “The relationship we’ve built acts as both a protective factor in combating the onset of poor mental health and also as a resilience factor in living with long-term poor mental health.”

When asked what they plan to spend the £500 winning donation on, Nicky replied: “When the lockdown is lifted we want to thank all of our clients for shielding themselves and our staff for their commitment to providing our life-saving and life-enhancing service through such a difficult time.”

While very sad news has reached Good Morning Service in recent weeks which means some of their clients will be absent from the celebrations we’re sure their first post lockdown monthly get together will not only be memorable, but more than well deserved. To find out more information about Good Morning Service including what they do, how to receive their service and volunteering opportunities check out their website here.