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Big Climate Conversation Community Fund 2019



Community Groups Engaged



Climate Conversations


Nearly £18,000

Distributed in Grants

Big Climate Conversation Community Fund

Impact Funding Partners worked with the Scottish Government to launch The Big Climate Conversation Community Fund to assist community organisations host workshops, who otherwise wouldn’t be able to. Targeted at small community groups, who are not primarily environmentally focused, the fund allowed the Government to hear from those who have been less engaged and therefore typically underrepresented in the climate change discussions to date.

Organisations held community conversations, discussing and answering questions around climate change. The groups were able to provide additional feedback and focus on certain areas of specific interest, giving them flexibility with their conversations.

Grants of up to £300 were available. The Scottish Government provided £17,770.22 to 61 community groups to deliver 71 conversations. There was an excellent reach right across Scotland, ensuring representation of diverse and unique communities were also heard.

The Scottish Government has completed analysis of all the feedback that they received from the workshops and the final Report of Findings from the Big Climate Conversation can be accessed here.


“As rural, remote and isolated communities they can often be overlooked during consultation is important we provide the opportunity for them to have their say”.

- Big Climate Conversation Community Fund 2019

“We want to give our young people and children from these rural communities a voice too, we want to hear what they have to say. We want them to know we are listening to them. We want to be part of the Big Climate Conversation”.

- Big Climate Conversation Community Fund 2019

“The workshop will obtain feedback from those with limited interaction with government departments due to limited English. We will deliver the workshops by our in-house staff who speak up to 4 different community languages which ensures we are able to include elderly south Asian communities who often get excluded”.

- Big Climate Conversation Community Fund 2019