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Bairns’ Hoose Fund 2023 – 2025

This Fund is being managed by Impact Funding Partners on behalf of the Scottish Government.

There are four strands to the Bairns’ Hoose Fund:

  1. Pathfinder Fund
  2. Affiliate Development Fund
  3. Development Fund
  4. Thematic Fund

About this Fund

The purpose of the Bairns’ Hoose Fund is to learn both about the systems, practices, and culture changes required to achieve the Bairns’ Hoose vision, and the methods, practices and resources required to facilitate transformational change.


Bairns’ Hoose is Scotland’s approach to the Icelandic ‘Barnahus’, which means ‘children’s house’. Bairns’ Hoose offers holistic, child-centred support to those who have been victims or witness of abuse and to children under the age of criminal responsibility whose behaviour has caused harm. Bairns’ Hoose will work towards the Bairns’ Hoose Standards which can be found here.

Each of the funded Pathfinder and Affiliate projects will work in partnership across statutory fields including health, education, social work and police as well as a third sector partner. This is a closed fund with the Pathfinder and Affiliate projects already being contacted in 2023. For information on the successful Pathfinder projects, please click here.

Timescales for Fund

There are different timescales for each of the four funds.

These will be communicated with the relevant partners between November 2023 and December 2025.

Fund Opens

November 2023

Fund Closes

December 2025

Further Information on this Fund

Bairns’ Hoose Website


To find out more about the Bairns’ Hoose initiative in Scotland, please follow the link HERE to be directed to the website.

Contacting Impact Funding Partners

How to get in touch:

Bairns' Hoose

Bairns Hoose Website

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