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Good Morning Service

Good Morning Service


Wellbeing for Longer in Glasgow Fund 2022/2023


Good Morning Service

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“At the time I didn’t want to live any more. I felt, ‘If this is Life, I don’t want it’, and my GP put me on to Good Morning. Talking has helped me more because, medication, you become immune to it… and it doesn’t do anything for you. I’ve found talking is the best therapy.” Albert, 68 years

Albert was referred to Good Morning Service by his GP in 2016. He was presented at the surgery ‘as a last resort’ with a sense of personal worthlessness, hopelessness and thoughts of ending his life. He identified the death of his ex-wife as a catalyst in escalating his depressive symptoms which he had been living with to wanting to act on his feelings to end his life.

Providing five Good Morning Calls per week with the intention of building a relationship with Albert, we got to know him very, very well; his history of physical and mental health, his experiences which have shaped who he is, and crucially, who he wants to be.

Over time we built trust and a meaningful relationship with Albert. Telephone Befrienders were able to explore with Albert the background to his feelings of worthlessness, helplessness and his suicidal thoughts. We recognised and explored how his current thought patterns can be / have been unhelpful in having good mental health, and gently challenged his at the time ‘default’ standpoint.

Albert enjoyed having someone to talk to about his situation and responded well to the interest and care we have shown him. As well as being connected to the Good Morning Community via Calls, Albert has now become a regular attender of our monthly Good Afternoon Get-Togethers where he is building a new friendship with another client. We see that their friendship brings positive elements to both clients.

Albert is – and feels – connected, valued and safe. Something which he hasn’t felt for many years.

By re-building his self- confidence and self-esteem we have supported him to take an active part in his community by helping neighbours with cleaning, restored his love of gardening, and he now regularly helps to look after neighbours dogs. Walking the dogs daily adds physical exercise to his activities, adding to his ‘toolbox’ of how he can maintain positive well-being.

Albert’s confidence level is now such that ‘I champion yous wherever I go however I can.’