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BLOG: Healing For The Heart

BLOG: Healing For The Heart

Healing For The Heart

18 months ago, we wondered what would happen if we brought together a group of people who were struggling with their mental health and offered them connection and purpose. We could not have predicted what would happen…

The Context

Healing for the Heart is a Glasgow based mental health charity which offers a variety of services to support people in their journey towards better mental and emotional health. Many of those who make use of our services have struggled to get help through the ‘normal’ channels and, because of multiple complex issues or because of the strain on NHS services, have somehow fallen through the net – or maybe they never found the net in the first place. Our counselling service sees over 60 people in a week. Around 70% of our clients are dealing with issues relating to Adverse Childhood Experiences and often speak of the isolation and disconnection which has become part of their lives.

You Are Made 4 More!

Made4More is our supported volunteering project, part-funded by VSF, which looks at how connection and purpose can be the beginning of improved mental health. In the last year we have been overwhelmed by stories of lives changed and hope restored. Taking part in 12 weeks of groupwork whilst actively engaging in a volunteering placement either with us or with another organization, our volunteers have not only improved their mental health but many have gone on to paid employment and further education. Others have continued to volunteer, developing new skills and confidence.

Each cohort of volunteers has organized a community event to promote positive mental health. These events have become very popular in the local community and beyond. The current cohort of volunteers have now set their sights on resourcing the local community with a well being café which will offer a place to connect

Where Next?

We need more space. 60 hours of 1:1 work a week isn’t meeting all of the demand. We rarely advertise because we fear we would be swamped. We take referrals from across the city because, although not a niche service, we work successfully with many people with complex and traumatic backgrounds.

We are working hard to enter the corporate market. We think that, with the counselling we offer, we have something which businesses need. What’s even better is that businesses can get help for their employees from us whilst also helping their local community. It’s a win-win!

We have recently started offering art therapy to children and young people. We want to grow this service because there is a dearth of help for this age group. A grant from the Robertson Trust has enabled us to get this started and also to plan our Spring mental health conference for young people. Meanwhile, the next cohort of Made4More already has a waiting list!

How Can You Help?

Like all 3rd Sector organisations, funding is hard. If you are in a position to partner financially with us then please get in touch. If you want to talk about support or counselling for your staff or volunteers then that’s a conversation we always love to have! If you need some input in trauma informed working or ACEs or if you have another training need that you think we could help you with then let us know. If none of these are you then follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (@H4HGlasgow) or check out our website Remember you too really are Made4More!